• Spray Tanning $45+

    Spray tanning is a great way to get that beautiful bronze glow without the harmful UV sun exposure or tanning beds. Using organic tanning solution that is artfully applied you can achieve a healthy glow all year round. Our technician will hand spray your body which is customized and contour the shade/shape that your desired. Last up to two weeks. (Full Body: 45 Minutes)

    Pre appoint instructions: No lotion or deodorant, highly recommended fully exfoliate and shaving to help extend the life of your tan.

  • Threading

    Threading is a great way to remove hair without invasive chemical, great for someone who have sensitive skin and no harsh reactions; such as, hives or other negative skin allergies. Threading remove short and very fine hair at the follicle level which last longer for hair to regrow. Unlike tweezing you can remove hair at a faster rate.

    • Facial: 45 Minutes $45+
    • Eyebrow: 35 Minutes $35+
    • Legs: 75 Minutes $75+
    • Any other threading services prices available upon request

  • Ear Candling $45

    Ear Candling is an alternative and effective way of removing dirt, wax, bacteria and other debris from the ear canal. It helps with sinus infections, improving hearing, sore throats, cold, flu and many more other benefits. Ear Candling also relieves pressure causing migraines, helps vertigo, improving lymphatic circulation and much more medical benefits that can improve your mental and physical wellbeing. (30 Minutes)


  • Classic

    Classic lashes have a more natural look by applying one extension per eyelash.

    • Classic Partial Set $75
    • Classic Full Set $125
    • 1 Week Fill $35
    • 2 Week Fill $55

  • Hybrid

    Hybrid lashes are the half way between a classic set and a volume (Russian volume) set.

    • Full Set $150
    • 1 week Fill, $45
    • 2 week Fill, $65
    • 3 week Fill, $85+ based on retention

  • Volume

    Volume adding of 3 to 5 times on your natural lashes to have a full and fluffy result lasting up to 4 weeks.

    • Volume Full Set $165
    • 1 Week Fill, $55
    • 2 Week Fill, $75

    3 weeks is an additional $20 charge and 4 weeks is considered a new set. To ensure you get a quality service, please advise our salon coordinator the correct scheduling so our service provider have enough time to complete your fill in a timely manner.

  • Lash Removal $20